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Xpressions' main goal is to offer the community a place with different levels of fitness to suit each persons own needs for their health. Whether it's a child needing an activity to stay active & build confidence in themselves OR an adult wanting to stay in shape and better their own health ~ We hope the Centre will be the place to support all these needs!

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Looking For A Healthy Lifestyle Change?




"HARDCORE FIT" (Cardio/Toning)










Does Your Child Love Music And/Or Dancing?

Would You Like To Build Confidence And Team Spirit In Your Child?




"JAZZ" (6-18yrs)

"BALLET" (6-18yrs)

"LYRICAL" (9-18yrs)

"TAP" (6-18yrs)

"HIP HOP & BOYS CLUB" (6-18yrs)


"POINTE" (12-18yrs)

"ACRO" (12-18yrs)

"REC DANCE" (6-18yrs & Adults)


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At Xpressions, we have "the love of dance" in our hearts and want to share that with others.

Dancing should be a fun & exciting way to XPRESS YOURSELF! We believe that each student is entitled to receive the best instruction possible.

Our goal is to provide a centre where both students and family members can feel informed, comfortable and where staff are always accessible. We believe we are all a "TEAM" and are in this together! That is why Discipline and Respect are essential.

To promote discipline we insist that all students attend each class prepared and dressed appropriately.

Respect for your teacher and fellow students is a very important aspect in belonging to a "TEAM." If we all work hard, together we can achieve amazing things.

At Xpressions, we want to provide the community with a health, fitness & lifestyle centre which our members can be proud to be a part of.

Our number one priority is to create a wide range of programs for people to choose from that combine proper exercise instruction which produce positive, life-changing results. Our focus is to improve the quality of peoples lives with options of regular exercise.


Through new, exciting & exhilarating classes you will now be able to XPRESS YOURSELF by getting in shape & enjoy staying in shape!

Xpressions Dance & Fitness Centre has two large Studios, (A-950 sqft & B-800 sqft), that are generally available to rent during off-class times.
Please view our Centre's Class Schedule for possible openings.

Our Rental Agreement Form CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF

What people are saying about XPRESSIONS:

"I started at xpressions, when they first opened the doors, as a way to get a little exercise. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the teachers. Soon I found that the exercise was helping me ward off the winter blues and just giving me a sense of pride that I can do this.
I take two or three classes each session . And because of the variety in what is offered I can try different exercises to find what is right for me. It's good for all ages and sizes because you work at your own pace." - L.H

"About 4 years ago I decided to make a change in my lifestyle and Xpressions helped make that decision a reality. I have found in taking a variety of different classes that my strength, endurance, and flexibility has improved tremendously.
My energy is at an all time high and another great side effect is I have lost a fair bit of weight in the process. It makes it that much easier to exercise when it doesn't feel like a chore, and that's how I feel when when I go to the studio; just a bunch of ladies having a good time. Xpressions is not just a place to exercise but it's a wonderful place to have fun and share a few laughs as well." - S.M

"I've been taking 2-3 fitness classes a week since I started with Xpressions over two years ago. Most of the classes are designed for all fitness levels and ALL are taught by exceptionally talented instructors. In addition to the overall benefits of working out regularly, I credit the various toning exercises for the full recovery from my rotator cuff injury. I only hope Xpressions continues to thrive and grow--our community is lucky to have it!" -P.E.S

"Workouts are fun and good for the heart yet challenging, and all the girl instructors are top notch. They run a variety of classes and the instructors ensure everyone works at their own capability. The facility is great, equipped with mirrors, space and all the latest workout props. Music is current and if we are lucky enough we get some singing too, mixed with many laughs.....big bang for your buck!!! I think the fees are comparable to other places as well. But most of all, it is for our health, and I know in my own results from my physician it has made a big differance, not to mention the body image transformation. It's the secret to longevity." - P.G.

"We moved over to Xpressions with Melissa & Melinda when Melissa opened the studio and haven't looked back. Both Melinda & Melissa are great to work with and consistently keep the kids excited to dance and compete in festivals. I have enjoyed taking Zumba classes with Melissa and my children have both danced in a variety of genres. We are excited to keep dancing at Xpressions!" - R.C.

"Last September I was feeling very tired, no energy, my body hurt all the time, I needed to take Advil everyday. Then I heard about expressions dance and fitness studio, I was very nervous to say the least but after speaking with Melissa I felt more at ease about going to a fitness class, which I never did before! I started with one class, and had so much fun, I joined a couple more. After a few weeks I started to notice I didn't need the Advil as much anymore, I was eating a lot better and I started losing weight. Now almost a year later I have lost 40 lbs, and feel great! Thank you to all the staff at expressions for the support!" - B.S.

"I have attended yoga classes [beginner] which I find very beneficial health wise. The instructor Connie is excellent and provides direction to the various levels of abilities, so all are involved in progressing. I would recommend Xpressions fitness classes to everyone." - J.L.

"In my fitness class we can choose our intensity level, we control how much of a workout we get" - D.U.

"Zumba is my first ever exercise class of any kind (and I am not young) and I love it!" - M.W.

"I'm so thrilled to have this in Barrhead & I look forward to continuing to experience what Xpressions Centre has to offer, Fantastic!" S.A.

"I feel that I try my hardest and have noticed changes in my body and overall endurance" - B.L.

"Xpressions Centre is Clean,big,bright & such a good atmosphere" - R.T.

"Since I have started to go to Xpressions, I find myself wanting to exercise and I look forward to my bi-weekly sessions at the studio." - S.M.

"Taking part in the weight loss challenge helped to keep me focused. If you are "thinking" about joining a class at Xpressions, just do it. You will be glad you did!" - L.V.

"Zumba has been great! It's a great cardio workout and I don't even notice the time because I am having so much fun." - J.B.

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Join us for a Relaxing Afternoon!

January 31st, 2014 Starts 1:00pm

Needed: Exercise Mat & Cushion or Pillow

Spend 1.5 hrs with an Intro to Yin Yoga Suitable for all Levels, the perfect compliment to a very active (yang) lifestyle or yoga practice. We will hold seated or reclining postures for up to 5 mins each.

Yin Yoga helps us to reach the deeper layers of the connective tissues, ligaments and joints of the body. It is a very passive, calming practice that also helps us to still the mind. Yin Yoga will target mostly the hips, pelvis and lower spine.

20 min Break with Snacks

Then Spend 2 hrs with an intro to Meditation - The science and growing evidence in favour of meditation as a tool to manage stress, anxiety, pain, depression, lower blood pressure, bring balance to our lives and improve our overall wellbeing is undeniable! Find out what Stress is and how it affects us. How and why meditation can help and practical suggestions and tools to start today!

Pre-Register Today for the Whole Workshop.
Cost $56

Register Separately
Intro to Yin Yoga $20
Intro to Meditation $45

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